How to Market Yourself Online

So why learn how to market yourself?In the world of online business (MLM/network marketing, direct sales, affiliate marketing, etc.) marketing yourself is very critical. You see, most people coming online want to know ‘how to’ do things. Information products and services are very popular, and as long as you can show people what they want to know, you can make a lot of money. We are in the information age and marketing yourself and the information you know, can prove to be quite lucrative.How to market yourselfThe internet has made this possible in so many ways. Before the internet you would have to advertise in newspapers, magazines, trade journals, pass out business cards, hold meetings and if you have the money, advertise on television.The internet connects the whole planet and allows you to disseminate your message to millions of people with the click of a button. Nowadays you can be found using search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click ads, banners and even free social media marketing.Guidelines for marketing yourself1. Have a web site. This web site is going to be where people will learn more about what you are offering.2. Set up a blog. Blogs are very powerful because the search engines (especially Google), considers blog content to be very relevant to the searcher. Blogs are free to set up and easy to manage.3. Start a social media campaign. Social media includes web sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube. Set up accounts on each site and link your sites to the others. Also leave links that lead back to your home page and blog. This strategy makes it easier for you to be found.4. Submit articles. Go to article submission sites like this one and write articles that have to deal with what you are offering.5. Submit press releases. Go to a press release web site and submit press releases announcing the start up of your web site or any other relevant content pertaining to your product or service.6. Ensure that you are providing value and usable content for your readers and viewers. Once they see you and what you are offering your recognition will increase.7. Offer a lot of ‘how-to’ information in your marketing, especially on the social media web sites. These sites are the best way to market yourself. They allow you to post pictures, videos, send emails, instant message, among other methods to communicate with people. This puts you in a position of authority and viewers will resonate with your information.Don’t do this:Do not use a company, compensation plan or company history to try and sell your leads and prospects. Show them how you can provide assistance and help. Determine what it is they want to know and give it to them. If they want to learn how to make money online then show them. If they want to learn how to generate leads, then show them. The more value you provide the more people will be attracted to you.Things to remember1. You are the one providing whatever message you wish. Keep it to the point.2. Always think of how your message will benefit the reader or viewer.3. Be consistent.4. Grow yourself everyday. Learn what others aren’t learning. This will always ensure you have more business and you’ll notice that the more value you provide the more will be in your pockets.

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