How to Write Marketing Emails

Email marketing is truly the best way to market your product without spending much money while receiving an excellent response rate. The problem is that you might not be a great writer or perhaps you don’t know how to start writing a marketing email. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you might imagine. The following tips will help you write a marketing email that is efficient and helps make sales.


It’s really important to write emails that are personalized. This is especially the case if you have the name of the person that you are emailing. Addressing the email to the recipient with their name will make them more likely to open the email, read it and respond.


You need to communicate when you write on a personal level, not write like you are writing a report. Be personal, write like you talk, and make your email easy to read. This will improve your chances of having people read your email, which is really important if you are trying to make a sale.

Be Direct

You should write directly to the person who is reading the email. Don’t write the email as if it is directed to a large group of people. Instead, write it as if it is directed to the person reading the email. This will bring the reader in, make them feel as if you are writing specifically to them, and help them feel comfortable buying your product or service.


Do you like to read one huge block of text or do you prefer lots of smaller paragraphs that are easy to read? Most people prefer lots of short paragraphs because they are easy to skim and read. So, when you are writing your emails make sure you break up the text with as many short and easy to read paragraphs as possible. It’s okay to even use one sentence to emphasize your point!


You will also want to include subheadings in your email. Subheadings help break up the email and provide information at a glance so people can read what interests them. This is very helpful and will catch the attention of the reader. Make sure you make headlines short, sweet, and informative.


You will want to make your email passionate about the product or service you are marketing. The reason why is that when you sell the product with your words people are more likely to want to buy it immediately. Be passionate about your product and you will more than likely sell more!

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