Use a Personal URL to Improve Your Marketing ROI – 3 Tips

When you invest money in your company, the rate of profit you get back will be highly influential in your future decisions and goals. The amount of money that you gain or lose can be controlled, and one critical decision you can make to positively affect your ROI is to use a personal URL (also known as a PURL). The following 3 tips are designed to help you achieve excellent marketing ROI.1. Once you decide to include PURLs in your marketing campaign, the first tip is to make sure that the PURL is fully functional. When you market your products and services, customers should be impressed by a more personalized experience, not annoyed by a slow or bad URL. A typical PURL will add your customer’s name to the back end of the URL or website address, which will increase their incentive to visit your site. This is a great way to keep clients engaged, thereby increasing the possibility for sales.2. While employing PURLs in your marketing strategy is a great way to generate better ROI, it has been shown that by using PURLs along with variable data printing, you have a better chance of gaining revenue and longtime clientele. The techniques used for PURL and variable data printing are similar, which is why many business use the two side by side. By using PURLs you strengthen all areas of your business, which will in turn create quality leads on future sales, products and services.3. The last tip but perhaps the most important is to take advantage of the PURL as a means to really get to know your customers. With a PURL campaign you can create direct and personalized relationships with not just a large audience, but also with individuals. With the help of PURLs, you can gain access to information about your clients and provide them with relevant information and access to promotions. Overall, by making a customer feel less anonymous you create a more dynamic experience that they are likely to return to again and again. PURLs increase response rates, which will provide you with helpful feedback on services and products.At the end of the day, it is easy to see the positive effects of an interactive, personalized website. A PURL is a piece of the component you need to improve your marketing ROI, and many prestigious companies worldwide have invested in this form of marketing. Direct marketing works, but more and more customers wish to respond online. Of course, with whatever combination of marketing you use, it is critical that you manage customer relationships with finesse and top level professionalism.

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