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The Proven Strategy For Combining Article Direct Marketing and Email Marketing For Massive Paychecks

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Article direct marketing is one of the most simple and most effective marketing strategies that you could hope to employ in your effort to increase your foothold on the Internet marketplace. If handled correctly, this form of direct marketing will not even cost you a thing. Imagine that – an effective ‘advertising’ tool that you can begin using immediately for free! It hardly seems possible but it is in fact a reality.

Your article marketing strategy can be as easy to set up as simply starting an opt in e-mail list and allowing your web site viewers to subscribe to a newsletter type program with content that will be of interest to your target audience and potential customers. It need not be any more involved or any more complicated than that.

The key when setting up your article direct marketing strategy is to ensure that all content that is sent out is reused on the recipient’s websites and linked back to your own web site. That involves making sure that all content you send is original, current and note worthy. If your articles are informative but boring it is unlikely that anyone will want to include it on their own site so keep your content fresh, entertaining and appealing to your target audience.

One final note: don’t use each and every e-mail as an opportunity to sell a product or a service. Instead, allow your e-mail marketing content to sell your target audience on you and your products and services will sell themselves.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 45-page Report:

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Tough Choices in Affiliate Marketing

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Getting started with affiliate marketing requires only a little bit of background and oversight. There are a number of different types of affiliate marketing programs, each of which varies slightly in method. Each of the methods offers a somewhat different pay structure. Making the right selection depends on the nature of the affiliate content, the kind of traffic expected, and the overhead time and money investment required from the affiliate.

It’s important for a new affiliate marketer to conduct a little research before joining a new program. Learning the basic definitions of terms most often encountered is important in order to ensure effective and thorough question-and-answer sessions. Knowing ahead of time some of the typical guidelines and restrictions potentially will save a lot of energy in the long run. Some of the following questions may help to guide a new affiliate marketer in the right direction:

What’s the affiliate structure? Affiliate programs can range from a direct commission of sales or services to simply the funneling of traffic through paid advertisements.
What’s the payout? An potential affiliate should learn the commission percentages on referred product or service sales. Commissions of fractions of a percent may also be offered just for clicks. Some affiliate programs offer a tiny payout merely for impressions, regardless of whether a click, page hit, or sale results. Profits of this size are merely a trickle but can accumulate into real residual income over time.
What is the tier structure? Many affiliate programs refer to their structure in terms of tiers. In a one-tier system, affiliates earn money through sales that are generated directly by the affiliate. A two-tier system essentially allows affiliates to connect to secondary affiliates. From each of the sales of the secondary affiliate, the primary affiliate also earns a bit of profit. These primary affiliates also earn straight profit from their direct sales, just like in the one-tier system.
What is the expected efficacy? In other words, how many hits or clicks are expected in order to generate one sale? A good affiliate program should have overseen metrics which can generate these numbers with precision. Working with this figure ahead of time will ensure that the affiliate marketer can take the necessary steps to attract the right kind of traffic to his or her website.
What kind of metrics does the affiliate program offer to its affiliate marketers? Affiliates should be able to access detailed, comprehensive reports in order to confirm the hits to sale ratio, to observe trends in efficacy over time, and to further tailor his or her website traffic. This is an important and often-overlooked benefit of affiliate marketing.
Potential affiliate marketers should also take into account membership fees. Programs which require a large overhead investment should be avoided unless their credibility is absolutely established. The best affiliate programs seem to be cost-free.

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Secrets of Successful Real Estate Investing – Marketing 101

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It’s really true.

As a general rule, one is just as good as another. With that said, there is a world of difference in the level of success that each investor has had pushing their specific program. But it has much less to do with their abilities than it does the muscle that goes into marketing themselves and their thousand dollar program. Because they’re marketing masters, they excel at getting hapless investors who don’t know any better to grab what’s in their wallet and slap it down on a table in the back room of a seminar so they can waltz out the door convinced that they’re well on their way to reaching their real estate investing dreams.

What the gurus don’t tell you is that’s also the secret key you need to unlock the potential profits of their real estate investing course. So you can either keep spending money on the latest update to their program or you can put your precious dollars to work for you in developing a marketing strategy that will allow you to unleash the power of the “secret” investing techniques that you’ve dropped a ton of your money on.

Don’t mistake what I’m saying: It’s imperative that you understand how to utilize a variety of creative real estate techniques. But nothing is more critical to your success than being able to successfully market yourself. It really is a package deal. But having an effective marketing strategy is vital. Otherwise you’re as useless as a concert pianist at a flea market.

There are two directions you can go when developing your marketing strategy. The first is to chase down individual prospects in the hopes that you’ll be able to sell them on you – and your way of doing business. This method is time-intensive and the cost per prospect is unbelievably high – and has not only a small likelihood of returning your investment to you, but has a low rate of return. The other is to concentrate your efforts on those who are already warm to the idea of doing business with you.

Obviously, you need to concentrate the majority of your marketing muscle on the second option. One marketing method you can implement is the use of bandit signs. The cost is very low and you have a great deal of control over type of calls you get. You can advertise for only flexible sellers or you can market to property owners in specific situations. For instance, your sign might specify that you’re interested in working only with sellers who are facing an imminent foreclosure who are also willing to accept payment for their equity over a period of time.

Every caller you get won’t necessarily be a golden prospect, but by placing limited information on your bandit signs about the types of sellers and properties you’re interested in buying, you can improve the quality of your prospects by guaranteeing that 95% of the people who respond will know ahead of time what you want. Unfortunately, the other 5% will be the truly confused – people who want to know if you do refi loans or sell girl scout cookies.

Another warm prospect marketing strategy you can implement is one used by guru real estate investors: direct mail. While this strategy can be a minefield that can cost you a lot of money, it also does most of the heavy lifting for you by weeding out people who have no interest in doing business with you. The two most important aspects of a successful direct mail campaign are targeting to the right people (motivated sellers) and writing a good letter that succinctly describes the kinds of properties you’re interested in and the kinds of seller situations you need. If you ensure that your letter is well-written and it’s laced with descriptive phrases and lots of benefit-driven features for the seller, you stand a great chance of success with your campaign.

Regardless of what marketing strategy you develop, the most important thing you can do is recognize that marketing is critical to your success. I understand the arguments that you have to be able to give the seller an offer they can live with and that you have to understand creative investing techniques. I don’t deny that. But if you don’t have prospects that have ears to hear your offer it really doesn’t matter how creative or well-written it is because you’ll be trying to sell an invisible man with a hypothetical offer.

So concentrate most of your efforts in figuring out how to get warm prospects. Once you have prospects, you can crack open your thousand dollar real estate investing manual and figure out what to do next. Only then will you be able to really begin seeing your investing dreams come true.

Get started today – by developing an effective marketing strategy. So what’s your game plan?

Sean Flanagan went from dead broke, living off Ramen Noodles and selling used pallets from the roadside for $20 a day, to a self made real estate multimillionaire in under 2 years time. He now shares his secrets with thousands of students across the country.

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Marketing Resolutions Worth Keeping in the New Year And Beyond

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I will believe that conventional wisdom can be sexy. Even with new, emerging and “sexy” marketing technologies and techniques, we must remember fundamentals such as: know your customer, positioning, WiiFM (“what’s in it for me” benefit-oriented copy), KISS (“keep it simple stupid”),plan the work-work the plan, etc. These seem simple, yet they seem to be absent more often that they should be. Conventional marketing processes are necessary to make the new, sexier marketing activities perform also.
I will make friends with IT. These days and into the future, without information technology, marketing is dead in the water. Bake cookies for the IT team if you have to! In an increasingly competitive market and certainly with the economic downturn, the fates of marketing and IT are tied together now more than ever.
I will test, test, test. Set aside 10% of your budget to test new opportunities. This will alleviate the numerous two-hour long meetings speculating about which marketing ideas will work. Also, using the “Opportunity vs. Effort/$” internal method of prioritization helps get things started. Remember this, “It is only expensive if it doesn’t work.” So, determine the cost-benefit relationship of media by testing.
I will have a dashboard. How many active customers do you have? What are your top 10 selling products? Who are your top customers? What is your gross margin? What is your current customer satisfaction rate? When everyone on the team can recite key performance metrics at a moment notice, you have a fine-tuned marketing machine! A marketing metrics dashboard that pops up on your computer everyday is a goal we believe all marketers should achieve. If you already have one, we say, “Bravo!” Other important concepts that should be top of mind so they can guide all decisions include: your organization’s mission, core values; and positioning statement.
I will avoid “needy greedies.” Tortoise or the Hare. Or a different version by Jim Collins, the Fox or the Hedgehog (Good to Great). Even in desperate times, the steady, focused approach is the successful one. Brandishing discounts, sales, and other “bribes” to get customers may help in the short run. However, knee-jerk reactions may lead to near-term decisions that may hurt you in the long run.
I will use a synergistic approach to marketing. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.” By ensuring that you use Synergy in planning marketing campaigns, your overall return on investment (ROI) can be higher. Each one-shot activity yields limited results. By having all related activities well-coordinated and well-timed, each email, web banner, TV advertisement, magazine advertisement, and direct mail piece will not have to work as hard when they are accompanied by the other activities.
I will swallow my pride. When you’ve tried to optimize everything else-media, creative, offers…maybe it is the your product your service that needs to be reconsidered? improved? shelved? Also, instilling a culture of “which” idea instead of “whose” idea also helps. This mantra has served us well, “It is not about being right, it is about being successful.”
I will finally keep this year’s resolutions. Like our New Year’s resolutions we make in our personal lives, the challenge is to keep these marketing resolutions beyond March 2009. By adopting some or all of the above resolutions, you may benefit from staying strong in down cycles.

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Insider Guru Secrets For Online Marketing

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There is some information that some experienced Internet marketers know and have kept undisclosed to the general public. This confidential information is what has contributed significantly to their success in online business.There are a few things that people need to know such as the role direct marketing plays in an online business.

There are some secrets in direct marketing, the first being “call-to-action”. Here you, as an online marketer need people to take action and you need to know how to have them follow instructions. Common mistakes made when marketing are that marketers present products or services and yet they do not have a strong action plan to support their offer. This means they will not be able to realize optimum profits because they do not have a strong action plan.

The next secret in Internet marketing is that you have to be versatile and you should not be afraid to try out new marketing strategies to test their effect. Since the Internet of today is lightning quick you no longer have to wait for long periods to see the effects of a change you make in your online marketing business. This means you will be able to collect and analyze data within hours and implement changes that are effective.

The most important thing in online marketing is that your site has to be able to attract traffic that is interested in your products and services and not just any persons some who might just be browsing the internet for fun. This means that if your site is able to attract the so called “quality traffic” your business is guaranteed some level of success. But how do you attract quality traffic? One thing for sure is your site should have a domain name that is not confusing but is a specific representation of what you sell. This will also ensure that when people use a search engine to search for products yours is listed and is not confused with some sites that offer entertainment to Internet surfers.If you are in an affiliate marketing program then you might like to take a look at some of these secrets that will certainly help your business succeed.

To be a successful affiliate you will need to build a blog that will aid in attracting quality traffic. This means you will have to use on your blocs or sites, important keywords or phrases and using as many links as possible. This is very effective as your business stands a better chance of getting a top ten position when a search engine runs a search.

Pre-selling is another important secret in affiliate marketing. Here you inform the traffic you direct to your affiliate websites on why they need the product and what it can do for them. When doing this you must never deviate too much from reality or else you chase away prospects as they may take you for a scam.

To learn more about highly profitable Marketing strategies that really work and Eric’s latest opportunity visit []

Eric Cole is well known as one of the top offline and online ‘six figure income’ earners in the United States and United Kindgom. Eric also works closely with entrepreneurs from around the world and is also an ‘in demand’ consultant to new and established mlm and direct marketing companies. Eric devotes most of his time and effort into helping average people to have wealth, success and time freedom in their lives.

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The Benefits of Email Marketing – The Use of a Squeeze Page

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Do you want your own direct-marketing business online to sell effectively in the market?

Ever wonder on how to grab attention of potential subscribers on the internet?

Benefits of Email Marketing

Ever since Email Marketing dominated the business industry such as stock, many prospective clients are now found clinging to their pcs online these days. As a major trend, it extends the marketer to its customers through several reasons. The following are some of these outstanding points:

Less expensive in advertising such as the pay-per-click concept. Pay-per-click is a strategy that enables the company to post its advertisement through prelude of an article that opens to a full overview about their website when the user clicks on it.
Latest News and Updates can be easily viewed. For instance, knowing the status of a trade is faster than waiting for next days newspaper.
Environment friendly. Through the use of preferred electronic mail in delivering information, no use of newsletter or paper is required.
What is a squeeze page?
Squeeze page introduces yet another add on feature to online advertising. Its purpose enables to develop a stable relationship between the marketer and its clients.

Defined as a Landing Page, Squeeze pages are created to capture opt in email addresses from buyers and clients alike. In order for a marketer to attain this, a squeeze page should be presentable with the best advertising effects he or she could think..

A squeeze page consists primarily of opening phrases and a separately supplied page asking for the subscribers email address through which you should gain opt in emails. Once the user confirms the email, the squeeze page in conjunction with a tool called an Autoresponder immediately sends information about the marketers product.

Squeeze page targets to collect opt in emails from potential subscribers as it presents multiple sales and even cross sell additional products! The strategy of capturing your potential subscribers email address first makes it a more mutual bond once he or she confirms then evolves from one on one communication to a direct marketing technique. It was also a method to ease a consumers concern about receiving spam messages and overall win the trust of your customer.

Benefits of Squeeze pages

What is also amazing is that you can also personalize squeeze pages nowadays at very affordable prices! Some squeeze page offers enable marketers to track down how many visitors came to view his or her page and how many converted sales there are!

Other classic squeeze page ads on line even have gifts in store for those who avail of their services with unique twists of marketing technique and sub-feature add ons!

To manage a squeeze page is quite easy. They say that it was designed to truly enhance direct communication with prospects and acts as a filtering gate.

Also branded as direct email communication between marketer and potential clients, it is also guaranteed highly effective which takes very little time to set-up and get published online.

And so if you feel that your business lacks the zest it needs to sell in the market, create a squeeze page for your business now and be amazed on how it earns you more potential subscribers that you could ever imagine!

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Affiliate Marketing Revealed – Why Choose Affiliate Marketing to Create an Online Cash Cow?

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Are you new to the concept of internet entrepreneurship? Are you interested in finding ways to supplement your income from your internet business? An affiliate marketing system is one that requires you to sign up with another existing website to receive commission for every potential customer that you direct to them and vice-versa. Consider these reasons for choosing this system:

1. High Profit Gains

Your responsibility lies in directing traffic to your affiliate website. You are paid commission for the visits you spur. Choose affiliates who are in a business that provides you suitable returns. Ensure that your product or service offering is in a niche area, create good copy about your affiliates, allow their advertisements to appear on your website and provide links that direct traffic to their sites.

2. Create Free Marketing With Your Own Affiliate Program

Make sure your site is well designed and well written so that it is high on the search engine’s ranking. This ensures a higher number of visitors. Choose your affiliate marketing system with care. Their product offering should not eat into your business but should relate to the market you cater to. Providing a link to a known affiliate program with a related but non-competing offer can increase visits to your site and direct more traffic to the program.

3. Increased Marketing Credibility

A successful affiliate marketing system helps you gain credibility with others in similar niche markets. This attracts more service providers to sign up with you and increases your revenue generating capacity. In turn, you will find more sites interested in providing a link to your site.

Fabian Tan is a well-known Internet Marketing expert and the author of the popular 59-page Report:

“Murder Your Job: How To Build Cash Sucking Autopilot Businesses In 30 Days Or Less!”

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Advertising Your Business Just Got Cheaper With SMS Marketing

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As an entrepreneur, identifying the marketing tools and strategies that work well for your kind of business is paramount to her overall performance.

An enormous marketing budget doesn’t necessarily translate to large sales. It’s effective marketing that generates large amount of sales. As a small business owner, it’s erroneous to think that until you have a huge advertising or marketing budget, that’s when more sales will flow. Wrong! Doing the right thing for your small business is what matters.

For some months now, I have taken time to study resources on small business and the marketing tools and strategies available to them (without really having to deep your hands too far into the savings). I have applied these principles to my consulting work and it’s working!


Bulk SMS is one of the most effective, yet cheap marketing tool available to a business. Though the use of direct mail and other forms of direct marketing are still in use, SMS marketing has taken the centre stage. Companies now make use of this strategy to inform, educate, advice and promote their products and services to target audience, customers or clients.

A well drafted and targeted SMS campaign is able to bring you new businesses, clients, or repeated calls from prospects.


1. A targeted list of recipients’ number can be more effective than mass marketing. However, you may find new prospects from your mass marketing effort.

2. Make sure you use a sender ID known by your audience, or at least be consistent in the case of a first time. Your sender ID is the name that appears above the message when a recipient receives your message. Your sender ID may be the name of your business or web site, but it must not be more than 11 characters (including space).

3. Avoid ambiguity. Be direct when drafting your ad copy.

4. Make your 160 character message worth reading by always giving the reader useful information.

5. The ad should promise the reader some benefit that will accrue from accepting the ad’s premises.

6. The ad should be persuasive enough to make the reader call you.

7. Put a contact information in the body of the message; for example, your phone or e-mail address.

8. What action do you want from your audience? Is it to call, email, or just visit your site? Or probably you just want to give an information.

9. Don’t merge several ads in one campaign. Make sure to send different messages for different products or services.

10. Don’t bombard your recipients with a lot of sales messages, otherwise they will lose interest in whatever you have to say.

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Network Marketing Millionaires Are Popping Up Everywhere

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Network Marketing is often maligned because of the relentless nature of some of the adherents, but nevertheless this method of selling provides an equal opportunity for people to own their own business with what is actually a strongly ethical business model.

Regardless of means, anyone can be successful with MLM and since many people start a network marketing business part time, while still working a regular job, it is it a great leveler in the business world.

Multi Level Marketing (MLM), also known as Network Marketing, is a business-distribution model that allows a parent company to market its products directly to consumers by means of relationship referrals and direct selling.

More and more companies are looking at this format as a means of promoting new and innovative products particularly in the fast growing Healthcare industry. For some people it is a great way to start building a substantial income for themselves with very little capital.

Worldwide the industry is forecast to continue growing exponentially for several decades. Fortune magazine called direct selling (of which network marketing is the largest segment) “the best kept secret in the business world.

Well known billionaire Warren Buffet, after purchasing a network marketing company, called it the best investment he had ever made.

In recent years, the phenomenal growth of the internet has been a driving force in the success of this type of sales structure. Using well designed websites and online network marketing to leverage time and effort, combined with good old fashioned personal networking can produce residual income lasting for years and even indefinitely.

With the growth in the aged population, more and more health companies are offering products to try and take advantage of the relative wealth of the “Baby Boomers”, However, anyone looking at getting into network marketing of health products needs to look carefully at a number of facets of the business:

1. The first thing anyone looking at to enter the industry must ask is: How difficult is it to demonstrate that these products actually work? In virtually all cases the answer is, extremely difficult. Look for independent laboratory validation.

2. The second question you should ask is: How good is the management?

There is a high attrition rate amongst MLM start ups and a major cause for that is poor management. Most network marketing companies are started by people who have been successful as distributors and think they can start up on their own. Usually these people just do not have the experience or knowledge required to run a sizable, fast growing business.

Tips: Look for a company which has been established for 5 years or more and has senior management with high level executive experience outside of the MLM industry as well as within.

3. Is the company well funded?

4. Does the company have a unique product?

5. How good is the compensation plan?

6. Is there independent validation of evidence behind the products?

7. Who is using the products without being paid for it? Ignore the touting of “big name” networkers, they are often paid large amounts of money to jump to another MLM. Typically they include this payment in their income claims.

8. If it’s a healthcare company, ask are there any prestigious medical people involved in the business? (Obviously the majority of members will be ordinary people but when there are medical specialists involved as well then you can be sure the products have credibility).

9. This one applies to all network marketing offers: Make sure that the company is legitimate and is not promoting an illegal pyramid scheme.

Basically if an MLM organization has little in the way of actual products and is seen to put more emphasis on the recruitment side of their business than on the direct selling aspect then it could be seen to be unsustainable in nature and will be labeled a pyramid scheme.

To summarize; Since the financial crisis making a solid, safe income has become increasingly difficult and there is no doubt that Network Marketing offers a second to none chance for any person with a good work ethic to start their own business. As an extra bonus, discounts on personal trips, incentives for referring friends and family, and an exciting career where you meet with all kinds of people are all part of the benefits of working in network marketing.

The clincher of course is that more and more successful network marketers are joining the ranks of self made millionaires.

Dick Aronson has a background of 35 years in pharmaceuticals and alternative medicines, software development and human resources. He has for a number of years now been retained by companies looking to expand or needing to restructure and recently he has joined a network marketing company selling unique patented health care products that fulfills all his requirements.

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How to Write Marketing Emails

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Email marketing is truly the best way to market your product without spending much money while receiving an excellent response rate. The problem is that you might not be a great writer or perhaps you don’t know how to start writing a marketing email. Fortunately, it is not as difficult as you might imagine. The following tips will help you write a marketing email that is efficient and helps make sales.


It’s really important to write emails that are personalized. This is especially the case if you have the name of the person that you are emailing. Addressing the email to the recipient with their name will make them more likely to open the email, read it and respond.


You need to communicate when you write on a personal level, not write like you are writing a report. Be personal, write like you talk, and make your email easy to read. This will improve your chances of having people read your email, which is really important if you are trying to make a sale.

Be Direct

You should write directly to the person who is reading the email. Don’t write the email as if it is directed to a large group of people. Instead, write it as if it is directed to the person reading the email. This will bring the reader in, make them feel as if you are writing specifically to them, and help them feel comfortable buying your product or service.


Do you like to read one huge block of text or do you prefer lots of smaller paragraphs that are easy to read? Most people prefer lots of short paragraphs because they are easy to skim and read. So, when you are writing your emails make sure you break up the text with as many short and easy to read paragraphs as possible. It’s okay to even use one sentence to emphasize your point!


You will also want to include subheadings in your email. Subheadings help break up the email and provide information at a glance so people can read what interests them. This is very helpful and will catch the attention of the reader. Make sure you make headlines short, sweet, and informative.


You will want to make your email passionate about the product or service you are marketing. The reason why is that when you sell the product with your words people are more likely to want to buy it immediately. Be passionate about your product and you will more than likely sell more!

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